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He laid one lean inquiring finger on the small smear, just under the lock, which Superintendent Seegrave had already noticed, when he reproved the women-servants for all crowding together into the room.
He turned to Superintendent Seegrave upon that, and said, "You noticed, I suppose?
He became a trifle less dreary; and he looked much as he had looked when he noticed the white musk rose in the flower-garden.
Noticed the bit of work under the lock, because it was the last bit done.
Superintendent," says the Sergeant, pointing to the place on the door, "has grown a little in importance since you noticed it last.
The OCC's regulations permit the ALJ to take official notice of "any material fact which may be judicially noticed by a United States district court and any material information in the official public records of any Federal or state government agency.
Have you noticed what is going on the in the accounting profession?
Have you noticed the Wall street analysts who are squirming in their seats as it becomes obvious they sold their soul and recommended stocks to you and I that they knew were dogs?
For something to be noticed, it must be perceivable.
These examples are meant to illustrate that what can be noticed is bounded by what makes sense in our culture.
I hope by now my point is clear: Noticing involves an intertwined, interdependent relationship between what is noticed and various contexts.
In testimony before the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules of the Judicial Conference of the United States, Hilsee said that class action notices must reach people, and be designed to be noticed as well as understood by recipients.