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First as a fan and then as a franchisee myself, I could see that Nothing Bundt Cakes had strong potential for growth because it offers the best-tasting, best quality product on the market," said Moore.
If you are afraid of facing the truth, you'll do nothing.
2004 Nothing could have prepared him for his where he plays a convicted paedophile placed back into the community and struggling to control his vile urges.
Luke makes it plain that when it comes to being righteous, when it comes to making ourselves right with God, there is absolutely nothing for us to hang on to.
They tell us nothing about a person because they are all noninclusive concepts created by humans out of convenience and discomfort.
you may really have nothing significant wrong with you, or
Like lawn-mowers, they create nothing but cuttings.
Second, there is nothing in the litigation pertaining to proper 'ethics' in the industry.
Not only does the movie resemble nothing so much as a more formally daring Slacker with an existential agenda, it stood as a rousing certification of what -- here in Sundance country -- one might call the outlaw spirit.
Physicalism, Nothing Buttery, and Supervenience, G.
What better occasion, then, to label "Buy Nothing Day" and to try to get Americans--and everyone else--to take pause and consider their part in the rising tide of consumption.
And--most important--don't forget to offer your readers something for nothing.
A year down the line, it's easy to see that this is pure nonsense - a perfect example of an organization existing to serve its own needs and nothing else.
Wood: To my ears, nothing resonates with solidness and friendliness more than a knuckle-knock on well-cured wood.
I knew nothing of Shakespeare But I was a poet I knew nothing of Eliot But I saw as a poet I knew nothing of Lawrence But I wrote as a poet I knew nothing of Blake But I felt as a poet I knew nothing of poetry But what was in me And a poet was all I wanted to be I wrote what I felt, wrote about what I saw Emotions and feelings I wrote more and more My words were in rhyme and sometimes in prose Higher and higher inspiration rose Published or not, I knew I must write Often late into the night What is a poet, who can they be Some famous person?