nothin' to it

(There ain't) nothin' to it.

Rur. It is easy. Mary: How do you keep your car so shiny? Tom: There ain't nothin' to it. I just wax it once a week. It took Jane just two minutes to sew up the hole in my shirt. "See?" she said. "Nothin' to it!"
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12 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 11th, KOCH Records will release Just Like There's Nothin' to It, a new collection of 12 original compositions by much-revered singer/songwriter Steve Forbert.
Just Like There's Nothin' to It, Forbert's first new album of original material in four years, showcases the rootsy songcraft and clear-eyed lyrical insight upon which Forbert's reputation is built.
Just Like There's Nothin' to It is Forbert's fourth KOCH release, following his acclaimed 2000 studio effort Evergreen Boy, 2001's onstage retrospective Live at the Bottom Line and 2002's Any Old Time, on which Forbert invested a set of songs by fellow Meridian native Jimmie Rodgers with the same emotional and musical resonance that he brings to his own compositions.
In contrast to Joe Starks, who seeks to be a "big voice" only to have his wish become humiliatingly true when Janie informs him that he" `big-bellies round here and put out a lot of brag, but 'tain't nothin' to it but yu' big voice' "(75), Janie seeks for a voice which can picture, which can make you see.