note down

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note something down

to write down a note about something. Please note these words down. Note down the following facts.
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He pointed out that the ministry's participation will help note down latest technological developments in various related fields from experiences and initiatives developed by the other participants, "The role played by Gitex is bringing together ideas and interactions helpful to government and private institutions and departments both locally and regionally, pinpointing the latest innovations in technology," he said.
She tried to note down the registration number, but it was covered with a plastic sheet.
If you seen any strange vehicles or anyone acting suspiciously on your road then always note down a description of them, their vehicle and its registration number.
My dad called his friend and asked him to note down its name, I want to watch it," she said.
If anyone sees any type of animal cruelty, please try to take a photo or note down the car number plate and report it.
The plan says people should: | Make notes on their medical condition and how it affects them; | Make notes on what they can and cannot do including problems with walking, standing and sitting or if they suffer pain and discomfort when doing physical things; | Note down any mental health problems, and how it affects them.
It is in their interest to keep a diary and note down everything when it happens," said Mr Bibby.
He said: "The advice coming from me is to note down everything that you believe it has cost you because of this.
We note down the complaint and take action against the shopkeepers involved in undue profiteering and poor service, he remarked.
If at all possible, I'd advise the gals to note down the names of the worst offenders and bide their time.
Over the course of the two-week study, the participants were asked to record everything they ate and drank, including weighing foods to accurately note down portion sizes.
The good news is that the cadets managed to note down the car registration number of a thug who wound down his window and yelled: "I hope you get blown up by an IED.
Now, if they ever read this, please note, a mobile phone is not required to note down a number, all one needs is "memory".
But unfortunately, the victim was unable to note down the plate number of the vehicle, which would have eased the way for the police sleuths.
Simply sit back with a cup of tea in your living room for an hour and note down all the birds you see outside.