notch up

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notch something up

to count up something; to add up or score something. We notched yet another victory up in our efforts to regain the trophy. Well, it looks like we notched up another victory.
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57pm) never took long to settle in following a spell at Portsmouth, chalking up wins in A7 and A6 grade over the standard 475m trip, and Jim Reynolds' bitch looks ready to notch up a victory over 640m at Walthamstow's BAGS meeting today, writes Tony Bullen.
Having outgrown his gritty Peckham studio--a former laundry converted by Eric Parry in 1988--Gormley's need to move was more than a notch up in scale and location (building three and a half times more space within easier reach of his north London home).
Lotto old girl Anthea Turner helps a national institution notch up its third anniversary tonight.
Ronnie O'Sullivan may need no more than a couple of frames to notch up more than 105 50-ups points, but he is also expected to run out a cosy winner against fading Gary Wilkinson, so with a whitewash a distinct possibility, the potential for a decent profit is not great.