not to worry

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Not to worry.

Inf. Please do not worry. Bill: The rain is going to soak all our clothes. Tom: Not to worry, I put them all in plastic bags. Sue: I think we're about to run out of money. Bill: Not to worry. I have some more travelers checks.
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not to worry

there is no problem He lost his wallet, but not to worry - he's already called the credit-card companies.
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Not to worry

phr. Don’t worry. You lost your ticket? Not to worry. I’ll give you mine.
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not to worry

There is nothing to worry about; there is no need to be concerned: "But not to worry: it all ... falls into place in the book's second half, where the language is plainer" (Hallowell Bowser).
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So how do I balance a gospel that tells me not to worry about tomorrow on one hand with a savings plan for my funeral expenses on the other?
In the meantime, Lynn urged AU members not to worry that the organization will in any way bow to this attempted intimidation or temper its aggressive response to the Religious Right.
Not to worry for dads that missed the push gift memo.
I try not to worry about those things; things happen,'' Figgins said.
During the Reagan years, Americans were told not to worry about the bloodletting within our industrial labor base and the by now almost complete eradication of the nation's manufacturing infrastructure as a new morning of service industry predominance was dawning in America.
OTC:WAMX) is telling shareholders not to worry -- its joint venture with CSCO Ltd.
When I telephone the company they say not to worry.
Sensing the woman's distress, Meszaros told her not to worry.
I told her bad people do bad things, but not to worry, she's safe with me,'' he said.
The organization's been really cool and telling me not to worry about that.