not (all) that (good, bad, well, poor, etc.)

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not (all) that (good, bad, well, poor, etc.)

Not especially or particularly (good, bad, etc.), especially compared to what one expected or hoped. The movie wasn't all that bad—you were making out like it was the worst thing in the world! I'm sorry to say this meal is not that good.
See also: not, that

not that

1. Although it isn't the case that. Not that I expect you to know the answer to this, but why do you think Mom ever married Dad to begin with? My husband watches a lot of trashy TV at night—not that I don't have my guilty pleasures, too, mind you.
2. Not very. It's a beautiful restaurant, but the food wasn't that good. He's not really that arrogant; it's just an act.
See also: not, that

not all that ˈgood, ˈwell, etc.

not particularly good, well, etc: He doesn’t sing all that well.
See also: all, not, that

ˈnot that

used to state that you are not suggesting something: She hasn’t written — not that she said she would.
See also: not, that
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and he replied: "That is bad, for a lad it's not that bad.
IF you lose at something, It's really not that bad.
The economic climate is not that bad and is improving.
But to be fair, Japanese hospitals are not that bad (I am envisioning hate mail from maltreated readers already).
The tobacco industry says the problem is not that bad, that not many teenagers smoke.
Somewhat gloppy-sauced barbecued ribs vary widely here, actually not that bad when first presented, quite questionable when two thirds gone.
The silver lining: As habits go, it's not that bad.
I get to see my family still so it's not that bad,'' Jamie said of her move.