not bad

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not bad

Better than average or expected; satisfactory. A: "How's your new schedule this semester?" B: "Not bad. I don't have any classes before 11 AM, so that's a win in my book!" I didn't think I'd like it, but sushi isn't bad!
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Not bad (at all).

1. [Someone or something is] quite satisfactory. Bill: How do you like your new teacher? Jane: Not bad. Bob: Is this pen okay? Bill: I guess. Yeah. Not bad.
2. [Someone or something is] really quite good. (The person or thing can be named, as in the examples.) John: How do you like that new car of yours? Mary: Not bad. Not bad at all. Tom: This one looks great to me. What do you think? Sue: It's not bad.
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not bad

Also, not half bad; not so or too bad ; not too shabby. Fairly good, as in Not bad, said the conductor, but we need to play the scherzo again, or The movie wasn't half bad, but Jerry wanted to go home, or Our garden's not too bad this year, or How are things going?-Not too shabby. All of the terms involving bad, which imply that something is less bad than it might be, date from the mid-1700s. The last variant, using shabby in the sense of "inferior," is slang of the late 1900s.
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not (so/too) ˈbad

(spoken) quite good: ‘How are you feeling today?’ ‘Not too bad, thanks.’Some of his recent books are really not bad.
See also: bad, not
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Jer 15:15-18; Pss 17,26) are not so shocking if we remember that these laments have to do with some specific occurrence (e.
The breadth of the territory claimed by psychiatry would not be nearly as troubling if it were not so often settled by force.
The last standard concerns not so much bishops as us.
It is finite and the number of the valuables is calculable, so that, compared to the entire cultural wealth of humankind, it is not so large.
If Walker's story is included in an article, it typically is not so much treated in and of itself, but as a fragment in a larger framework.
These differences are not so much "indicators" as they are an unavoidable byproduct of the Internal Revenue Code that Congress -- often with Treasury's direct support -- has crafted.
Today we need to ask, as one mother not so naively asked at a recent Call To Action conference, why we don't have rituals for children going off to college or to their first home of their own.
MC: I am certainly not so pretentious as to think that no one else is grasping the Information Age.
82) For both men and women, the interests at stake here were not so much individual as corporate in nature.
If this were not so, you would not now exist to be arguing about it.
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act guarantees that "women affected by pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions shall be treated the same for all employment-related purposes, including receipt of benefits under fringe benefit programs, as other persons not so affected but similar in their ability or inability to work.
Not so long ago, it was illegal in certain parts of the United States for blacks to marry whites; no one would call this a trivial disfranchisement.
And it was established in the second minor term that the heaven is truly in its natural position, therefore, the correct logical conclusion is that the heaven is neither light nor dense in actuality and it is not so potentially (bi'l-quwwa) or contingently.
It is not so much divine dissatisfaction, but rather it is the result of divine reflection and the pursuit of a new ideal which at the time was still unknown to the adam.
Images so thoroughly seared into people's memories are not so easily displaced.