not place

not one's place

not one's role to do something. It was not my place to criticize my boss. It was not Bill's place to ask the questions; it's my project.
See also: not, place
References in classic literature ?
In the three squares allowed him he could not place himself squarely upon the square occupied by the Odwar of U-Dor's Princess.
But it was not so near that "Blinder," as the mob had promptly christened his neighbor, did not place his shaft just within the mark.
She thought the voice familiar, but could not place it, though her heart whispered that it might belong to the young stranger of her dreams.
Lebanese farmers are very likely to revolt very soon if officials do not place their interests among their top priorities this year," he said.
LOWELL - The Lowell School Board has voted 4-1 to not place an $11 million bond measure on the November ballot to finance a new K-12 school.
The team did not place, but it was one of only five U.
Why not place a sticker on the inside cover of Bibles given to Sunday-schoolers that reads: "This book contains material on creationism.
The court found that the prison's use of unlicensed barbers to provide haircuts for inmates, and requiring inmates to share electric razors, did not place the inmates at a risk of serious or substantial harm absent any showing that the inmates were at any additional risk of contracting diseases.
Students indicated that they considered graduate school mandatory but did not place the value on accounting education that they did on other tracks.
You should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements.
Chris Rueckert's wrestling season, stretched beyond the level of expectation, came to an end in the first of day of the state tournament at the Spanos Center in Stockton on Friday, when the Royal High 152-pounder lost two close matches and did not place.
McCowan, who lived in Colorado before moving to Simi Valley, stated in her complaint that the district did not place her sons in special programs within 30 days - the time a district is given to recommend an individualized program for a special-needs student transferred from another district.
Residents should not place yard materials in plastic bags for recycling.
Acorda Therapeutics may not actually achieve the goals or plans described in its forward-looking statements, and investors should not place undue reliance on these statements.
However on a cautionary note, Lazzara noted that "money market fund investors should be aware of the extension risk posed by ABENs and not place themselves in a situation such that in a market wide extension scenario, the resulting duration extension would cause the weighted average maturity of their portfolio to breach the 90-day 2a-7 limit.