not care/give tuppence for/about somebody/something

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not care (a) tuppence

To not care in the slightest (about something or someone). Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I don't care a tuppence how you get it done, just make sure the deed to that estate is in my possession within a fortnight! I know that Jeremy Lawson has a crush on me, but to be honest I couldn't care tuppence for him.
See also: care, not, tuppence

not care/give ˈtuppence for/about somebody/something

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) think somebody/something is not important; not care about somebody/something: She loves him, but he doesn’t care tuppence for her.The police don’t give tuppence for our rights.
Tuppence is an old word meaning ‘two pence’.
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Now you may not give tuppence for his plight, but the local constabulary has confirmed this is a criminal offence and, mark my words, this is not the first time a situation like this has occurred.
MOST serve-volleyers would not give tuppence for clay and Todd Martin is no different.
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