not for the world

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not for (anything in) the world

 and not for love nor money; not on your life
Fig. not for anything (no matter what its value). (Note the variation in the examples. The order of love nor money is fixed.) I won't do it for love nor money. He said he wouldn't do it—not for the world.
See also: not, world

not (do something) for (all) the ˈworld

used to say that you would never do something: I wouldn’t sell that picture for all the world.
See also: not, world
References in classic literature ?
Oh, it was a touching superstition, monsieur, and although I did not myself believe it, I would not for the world have destroyed my father's faith.
Not for the world would he have made a sign to her, though it seemed to him that his life hung on her next gesture.
Had he believed that a union was necessary to the happiness of both, or of either, or had he known how fervently I loved her, he would have acted differently; but seeing me so calm and cool, he would not for the world disturb my philosophy; and though refraining entirely from any active opposition to the match, he would yet do nothing to bring it about, and would much rather take the part of prudence, in aiding us to overcome our mutual predilections, than that of feeling, to encourage them.
Why, not for the world would he harm her, or her balu, which is the ape word for baby.