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He said that the government and people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa shared the grief of the families of victims and they should not feel themselves alone.
He informed government officials, NGOs employees and well-off people did not feel themselves secure even inside their houses.
Our compassion must be personal so that those we serve do not feel themselves a burden, but know themselves to be blessed.
LDP IT'S a genuine wonder that patients sitting wistfully in hospital waiting rooms, wondering whether they are ever going to see the doctor, do not feel themselves being tossed to and fro as they pass the hours away.
Could the lack of structured learning of basic skills during the whole of the primary school experience be down to the fact that too many teachers do not feel themselves competent to teach the skills that are to be tested and so have to mug up the basics of spelling, parts of speech, punctuation, addition, subtraction, fractions and elementary science just before Year Six, when they will have to try to get children through a national, externally assessed exam?
However, as Haywood City Learning Centre in Stoke-on-Trent found (Janet Thursfield, personal communication, May 4, 2005) there is no guarantee that even if all these methods are tried the library will be successful in attracting the local community if local people do not feel themselves to have ownership of, and active involvement in, the library.
3) Only at the end of his comprehensive work (Book V, Chapter III) did he state, "Commerce and manufactures can seldom flourish long in any state which does not enjoy a regular administration of justice, in which the people do not feel themselves secure in the possession of their property, in which the faith of contracts is not supported by law" (Smith [1776] 1976: 445).
Most did not feel themselves competent to address the mind, and in the end, they were left seeming to reduce the individual to a defect.
The reasons thousands of people in South East Wales who are learning Welsh give for taking up this endeavour is because they wish to refind their roots and they do not feel themselves truly Welsh unless they are speaking the language of their forebears.
The Court concluded that the Crees must "be bound by the informed commitment that (the aboriginal party) is now in a position to make," and that this was to their advantage, because it is in the interests of the Aboriginals themselves "to interpret the agreements which they sign today in such a way that the other signing parties will not feel themselves at the mercy of constant attempts to renegotiate in the courts.
They were not, or did not feel themselves to be, members of as stable or as static an institution as the European bourgeoisie.
While speaking to the families of Martyrs, he said that they should not feel themselves alone as FC Balochistan and people of Pakistan owe them and we all are knitted in a relationship.
While most motorists do not feel themselves to be criminals, I am convinced that most criminals are also law breakers on the road.