not dwell on

not dwell on something

to not spend a lot of time thinking or talking about something I knew how important this test was but I didn't want to dwell on it. My mother's advice always was, "Don't dwell on it, do something about it!"
Usage notes: also used without not: She dwells on the past a little too much.
See also: dwell, not, on
References in classic literature ?
Next day Prince Andrew thought of the ball, but his mind did not dwell on it long.
His imagination did not dwell on the outward calamity and its future effect on Tom's life, but it made vividly present to him the probable state of Tom's feeling.
I may not dwell on all he did, to make the poor, weak creature love him, or my tale would have no end.
We shall not dwell on the revolting horrors that succeeded.
There are, indeed, some things which appear so impossible that the mind does not dwell on them for an instant.
I will not dwell on the suspense and anxiety with which I reflected all this time that we were leaving my mother farther and farther behind every minute.