not dream of

not dream of doing something

to know something is wrong and therefore have no intention of doing it When I was a girl, my parents wouldn't dream of letting me stay home alone.
See also: dream, not, of
References in classic literature ?
thought Gringoire; "you do not dream of glory, and you do not make marriage songs
As I obeyed I noticed an anxious light come into Johnson's eyes, but I did not dream of its cause.
Matson; "but still we need not dream of that expedient.
Of course I did not dream of refusing him anything he asked, and gave the promise without the least hesitation.
You knew, of course, that we would not dream of leaving you in such a manner.
I did not dream of hanging back; I thought (the poor fool
But we are to relate events which he did not dream of.
I should not dream of doing so were it not absolutely certain that I should be able in four days to reclaim it.
So it would have been strange indeed if both girls did not dream of possibilities of the future.
Snowdrop did not dream of any mischief; so she stood before the old woman; but she set to work so nimbly, and pulled the lace so tight, that Snowdrop's breath was stopped, and she fell down as if she were dead.
I shall not dream of dying for at least another thirty years.
The travelers, we may easily imagine, did not dream of taking a moment's rest.
They dared not dream of taking the ground, since here, as on the shores of the Uyanza, legions of mosquitoes covered the soil in dense clouds.
Though, like Everhard, they did not dream of the nature of it, there were men, even before his time, who caught glimpses of the shadow.
These, too, she saw and understood as he did not dream of understanding.