not care/give a hoot

not give a hoot


not give two hoots

If you say that you don't give a hoot or don't give two hoots about something, you mean that you do not care about it at all. I don't give a hoot about what they think. These politicians don't give two hoots about the ordinary people.
See also: give, hoot, not

not care (or give) a hoot (or two hoots)

not care at all. informal
1990 Karen Lawrence Springs of Living Water Never think about anybody but yourself, do you? Never give two hoots about your poor little sister following you around.
See also: care, hoot, not

not care/give a ˈhoot (about somebody/something)

(also not care/give two ˈhoots (about somebody/something)) (informal) not care at all: I don’t care two hoots about having money, as long as I’m happy.
See also: care, give, hoot, not