not bad

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not bad

Better than average or expected; satisfactory. A: "How's your new schedule this semester?" B: "Not bad. I don't have any classes before 11 AM, so that's a win in my book!" I didn't think I'd like it, but sushi isn't bad!
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Not bad (at all).

1. [Someone or something is] quite satisfactory. Bill: How do you like your new teacher? Jane: Not bad. Bob: Is this pen okay? Bill: I guess. Yeah. Not bad.
2. [Someone or something is] really quite good. (The person or thing can be named, as in the examples.) John: How do you like that new car of yours? Mary: Not bad. Not bad at all. Tom: This one looks great to me. What do you think? Sue: It's not bad.
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not bad

Also, not half bad; not so or too bad ; not too shabby. Fairly good, as in Not bad, said the conductor, but we need to play the scherzo again, or The movie wasn't half bad, but Jerry wanted to go home, or Our garden's not too bad this year, or How are things going?-Not too shabby. All of the terms involving bad, which imply that something is less bad than it might be, date from the mid-1700s. The last variant, using shabby in the sense of "inferior," is slang of the late 1900s.
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not (so/too) ˈbad

(spoken) quite good: ‘How are you feeling today?’ ‘Not too bad, thanks.’Some of his recent books are really not bad.
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A patchwork of multihued shapes makes up the bright , chirpy, Klee-ish Not Bad This Weather, 1998.
Described by SB Kelly in a Scotland on Sunday review as "Part metaphysical fable about the creation of a purely virtual musician and part frat-house comedy," and cited as "important" in the world's most authoritative literary journal, the Times Literary Supplement (TLS) (January 7th, 2005 issue), Francis Ellen's new novel, The Samplist has been reviewed all the way from The Guardian through music magazines to the BBC, and it's about to be reviewed in The New Scientist; not bad for a broad comedy set in a Scottish music college in which a student forges a counterfeit piano virtuoso using computers.
Not bad for a kid who did not start for the Lions in the first 11 games of the season.
Of course still you have to yell and scream but it's not bad for your voice, at least as bad as you would imagine.
It's nicer than fag, but it's still not bad or awesome or phat.
Not bad considering that the dancers, who included Karine Saporta, Charles Cre-Ange, and Bernardo Montet, arrived that very morning and had to adapt to a space they had never seen.
That's not bad if you take into account that the threshold is 70%," he says.
Oberweis now expects the rest of the decade to produce 8-10% average nominal S&P 500 appreciation, and that is not bad.
Now I'm going to cover some debt, not bad debt, but I'm going to pay it all off now.