not agree with

not agree with someone

[for food] to make someone ill; [for something that one has eaten] to give one stomach distress. Fried foods don't agree with Tom. I always have onions in my garden, but I never eat them. They just don't agree with me.
See also: agree, not
References in classic literature ?
That is all very true," said the Adversary, "but you taught by example that a verb should not agree with its subject in person and number, whereas the Good Book says that contention is worse than a dinner of herbs.
City life does not agree with me at all," remarked the Lion, as they walked along at a brisk pace.
Levin often put his views before her in all their complexity, and not uncommonly he argued with her and did not agree with her comments.
I do not agree with you about his works, and never shall.
In this, we have said, he did not agree with his wife; nor, indeed, in anything else: for though an affection placed on the understanding is, by many wise persons, thought more durable than that which is founded on beauty, yet it happened otherwise in the present case.
Her husband, however, would not agree with her here; for besides having a regard for his cousin, Charles Hayter was an eldest son, and he saw things as an eldest son himself.
I agree with Frederic Larsan as to the death of the keeper; but I do not agree with him as to the way the murderer escaped
One man, hearing that he had studied art in Paris, and fancying himself on his taste, tried to discuss art with him; but Philip was impatient of views which did not agree with his own; and, finding quickly that the other's ideas were conventional, grew monosyllabic.
Dorothy did not agree with this, but she said nothing to contradict it.
I am afraid," she said, "that I do not agree with you.
Maybe boar's head stuffed with sugar-plums did not agree with him (it wouldn't with me, I know), and he had had enough of sack and mead; so he slipped from the noisy revel to steal a quiet moonlight hour with his beloved Elgiva.
Every one would not agree with you there, mother," said Fred, who seemed to be able to read and listen too.
Perhaps, as the Magician said, you have an overdose, and they may not agree with you.
Perry argues that wild dogs were first domesticated for hunting purposes; but I do not agree with him.
Whilst we may not agree with the legitimate government of Syria, they are fighting the radicals, consequently Russia is targeting any of these groups.