not able to help

not able to help something

unable to prevent or control something. (Not able to is often expressed as can't.) I'm sorry about being late. I wasn't able to help it. Bob can't help being boring.
See also: able, help, not
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Kirklees Council is not able to help and I would urge people to get behind us.
That government is not able to help all of society, we can get where they [the government] can't.
This new partnership means that, if a customer or potential customer approaches us for finance and we are not able to help, we will be able to signpost them to Business Wales for further advice and support.
I am separated from my husband these days and not able to help with any significant amount, but I am sure we can drum up some support for a good human being who has truly helped a lot of people.
We do, unfortunately, have folks come in to the tax prep sites that we're not able to help because we don't have enough volunteers," Haggblom says.
The PS13m midfielder admits it was exasperating being sidelined and not able to help his team-mates arrest their slump in form.
Instead of helping their kids, they're left red-faced when they're not able to help.
A Christmas and New Year break was not able to help him forget what happened.
He said Stuart's line manager and colleagues had offered him "supportive solutions" but added: "We are very sorry that we were not able to help Stuart further to prevent this tragedy.
But the manager totally refused to provide any help in terms of insurance claim for the damage done to the car and even the police were not able to help me further with this matter unless I lodged a case against the company, which I avoided as I was proceeding on vacation the very next day.
I am also not able to help him because I haven't heard about the people who he says allowed him to build the garden 30 years ago, including the chairman of the municipality and other officials.
In the field, Sammie Clark - unlike Laura Bobek's unexpected third-place finish in the discus on Thursday - was not able to help the Ducks with bonus points in the pole vault.
Veteran captain Samuel Eto'o is still the focal point of the attack, but is now playing as a true striker, and is not able to help as much in the creation of chances as in the past.