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An interjection negating the statement one has just made and thus rendering it sarcastic. Oh, yeah, I love getting a ton of homework on my birthday weekend. Not!

not (oneself)

Not feeling as one normally should, either physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. I'm sorry for getting upset at you earlier, I'm just not myself today. I know Mary hasn't been herself ever since she lost her job.
See also: not


interj. Not really so! (A tag phrase added to the end of a statement, changing it from affirmative to negative. There is usually a pause before Not!, which is said on a level pitch somewhat higher than the sentence that comes before.) Of course I’m going to pay $100 a ticket to see a rock concert. Not!


half/so bad Informal
Reasonably good.
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Chinese Workers Mutual-Aid Association [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]
If specific facts have changed since the due date for making the election that make the election advantageous to the taxpayer, the IRS will not ordinarily grant relief.
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