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nose into (something)

To investigate something; to try to find information about something, especially private, secret, or sensitive matters. The last thing we need right now are tax auditors nosing into our accounts. You really need to stop nosing into other people's affairs, or you're going to start losing friends.
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1. verb To try to curry favor with someone through flattery or favors in the hopes of getting something in return. I'm not doing well at all in math this year, so it seems like brownnosing the teacher is my only hope for a good grade! Don't brownnose me with chocolates and sweet talk—just tell me what you want!
2. noun One who seeks out the approval, attention, and/or support of others, especially superiors, through abject subservience, flattery, or fawning. Tim is such an obvious brownnose, always complementing the boss on her ideas and saying yes to anything she suggests.