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nosy parker

A person who likes to meddle or pry into other people's lives. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I have to be careful about what I tell Betty because she's such a nosy parker that she'll bombard you with questions at the slightest provocation.
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a ˌnosy ˈparker

(British English, informal, becoming old-fashioned) a person who is too interested in other people’s private lives: Our next door neighbour is a real nosy parker. He always has to know everything about everybody on our street.
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nosy parker

and nosey Parker (ˈnozi ˈpɑrkɚ)
n. a nosy person. (Also a term of address. No one really knows who or what parker is or was. It is an old expression, used in British and American English, at least. Some would like to derive it from nose-poker, but there is no record of the latter aver having been said.) Look, you nosy parker, mind your own business.
See also: nosy, parker
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Of course, I could've initiated some nosiness of my own.
BEIRUT: Alfred Hitchcock's film "Rear Window" shows how nosiness can be elevated into an art form.
I admit looking at the personal pictures was sheer nosiness, but what else is Facebook for?
Far from challenging prevailing negative stereotypes of old maidism, Miss Bates actually seems to embody many of them, such as garrulity, credulousness, nosiness, and affectation.
I've found adults to be even more inquisitive--only the innocent, questioning mind of the child is often replaced by the rude nosiness of an adult.
Some people are so intent on guarding their privacy, they view any persistent encouragement to socialise as potential nosiness.
Male curiosity gradually evolves into the force that lies behind scientific enquiry, while female curiosity remains one of the defining vices of women, along with garrulousness, nosiness, fondness for frivolous adornment, and lack of intellectual tenacity.
To satisfy pure nosiness, though, what we really want to do is turn the tables and take a revealing snoop round her home.
Furthermore, in a surveillance society where openness is the standard, social norms that punish nosiness and voyeurism will probably take a back seat to norms that encourage curiosity and a willingness to share information, thus mitigating the social disapproval suffered by voyeurs.
This tends to encourage a degree of communitarian nosiness.
But he had a surplus nosiness that took him away from social compacts into movie houses, where he spied on lovers by means of infrared film, in the process creating a whole new category of voyeurist imagery.
The personification of nurturing, of nosiness, of dream-dinnerparty-guest cheer.
Anyone with a penchant for clever technology and nosiness can buy a Quadcopter X Spy for PS69.
Even though we might not keep in touch with all our friends, there's a nosiness in most of us to discover how life has panned out for them.