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go into a nosedive

 and take a nosedive 
1. Lit. [for an airplane] suddenly to dive toward the ground, nose first. It was a bad day for flying, and I was afraid we'd go into a nosedive. The small plane took a nosedive. The pilot was able to bring it out at the last minute, so the plane didn't crash.
2. . Fig. [for someone] to fall to the ground face first. She took a nosedive and injured her face.
3. . Fig. to go into a rapid emotional or financial decline, or a decline in health. Our profits took a nosedive last year. After he broke his hip, Mr. Brown's health went into a nosedive, and he never recovered.
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n. a great drop; a great decline. (see also take a nosedive.) This year our profits have taken a nosedive.

take a nosedive

tv. to collapse; to fail. The market took a nosedive again today.
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The plane nosedived into a field in Sharpthorne, near East Grinstead, West Sussex, on Saturday afternoon.
All 88 passengers and crew were killed when the MD-83 jet spiraled and nosedived into the Pacific Ocean.
Dettori's fortunes nosedived afterwards with Caradak unable to handle the ground behind Red Evie and Classic Punch a big disappointment against character horse Papal Bull in the Geoffrey Freer Stakes.
which nosedived yesterday after the gloomy forecast, have lost almost half their value since the beginning of May.
SHARES in Hearts Football Club nosedived yesterday following reports of further crippling losses.
The plane, a twin-engine Spanish-built jet called a Saeta, which dates from the early 1960s, was flying at 150 meters when it abruptly nosedived and crashed at the airport in Cordoba, the Spanish civil aviation authority said.
The ex-Navy Fairey Firefly stalled during a loop-the-loop at the annual Flying Legends show at Duxford, Cambs, and nosedived into a cornfield at 100mph - just years from the M11.
A ROYAL Navy sailor from Merseyside yesterday told an inquest how he cheated death by swimming out of a sunken helicopter after it nosedived 400ft into the sea,killing its two pilots.
Coulthard, 29, his fiancee Heidi Wichlinski, 26, and fitness trainer Andy Matthews fled from the plane by a window after it nosedived into the ground at 140mph.
A Midland businessman nicknamed the Red Baron was in hospital last night after his Tiger Moth biplane nosedived into the ground from 300 feet.
But after one huge hit her career nosedived and she lived off her past for 15 years until she was found dead in a dreary London flat.
Shares in aerospace engineer Meggitt nosedived yesterday after it announced the termination of a supply contract with Boeing.
The fallen giants yesterday handed Clough, 32, a pounds 180,000 pay off for the final nine months of his contract and then counted the cost of a 33-month City career that nosedived after his pounds 1.
But after Painter had made it two with a 58th goal Scarborough's hopes nosedived.
The single-seater reproduction of a Sea Fury nosedived to the ground shortly after take-off.