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go into a nosedive

 and take a nosedive 
1. Lit. [for an airplane] suddenly to dive toward the ground, nose first. It was a bad day for flying, and I was afraid we'd go into a nosedive. The small plane took a nosedive. The pilot was able to bring it out at the last minute, so the plane didn't crash.
2. . Fig. [for someone] to fall to the ground face first. She took a nosedive and injured her face.
3. . Fig. to go into a rapid emotional or financial decline, or a decline in health. Our profits took a nosedive last year. After he broke his hip, Mr. Brown's health went into a nosedive, and he never recovered.
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n. a great drop; a great decline. (see also take a nosedive.) This year our profits have taken a nosedive.

take a nosedive

tv. to collapse; to fail. The market took a nosedive again today.
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Fallon's second winner was courtesy of the Richard Guesttrained Nosedive.
The plane then went into a nosedive for maybe just a few seconds and then obviously the pilot was able to take control of the plane again and put it down eventually.
Then the engine on the right side blew up and it went straight down into a nosedive.
After World War I, however, scientists began to depend on airplanes and balloons more often in their studies, so the popularity of research kites took a nosedive.
The William Haggas-trained Nosedive was always in last position under Christophe Lemaire.
NOSEDIVE and Bikini Babe both produced impressive displays in the two-year-old races at Sandown yesterday that might well secure them trips to Royal Ascot next week for the Norfolk and Chesham Stakes.
He only did five significant moves, including a no-hander and no-footer into a nosedive 360.
CRIPPLED' Andrew Perry saw his pounds 200,000 court action take a nosedive when he somersaulted into a hotel pool on a freebie holiday.
Sadly, with their proliferation, quality has taken a nosedive.
Don't let a sweet tooth undermine your power eating Your energy is likely to take a nosedive after a short-lived boost.
10, however, the X-ray emissions had taken a sudden nosedive.
The 20-year-old firm found its long-term niche as a "re-developer" in the mid-'80s, after marginal real estate in the Sunbelt and then other regions took a nosedive.
Summary: BP shares have pulled out of their nosedive despite fears the extent of the US oil leak has been under estimated.
The William Haggas-trained Nosedive was unlucky not to finish closer to Radiohead in Royal Ascot's Group 2 Norfolk Stakes, and having form at this level makes him a serious contender.