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put on the feedbag

and put on the nosebag and tie on the nosebag
tv. to prepare to eat; to eat a meal. (Refers to a bag of feed tied under a horse’s mouth.) I’m starved. Must be time to put on the feedbag. Let’s go to Mickey D’s and tie on the feedbag.
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put on the nosebag

See also: nosebag, on, put

tie on the nosebag

See also: nosebag, on, tie
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While Richard Da Costa had to root around with pigs and spent an hour being nibbled before they accepted him, TV presenters Zoe Hardman and Garron Mitchell had to share nosebags and stalls with wild ponies and huge feisty stallions.
You might as well feed them with nosebags full of fivers" - Actor Nathaniel Parker, on his racehorses.
While casks are unloaded, the horses stand munching oats in their nosebags outside pubs with names like the King's Arms, The Grapes and The Old Sergeant.
The ones who used to be union militants and now can't get off their backsides to walk out when their leaders attack the kind of men they used to be before they got their faces into the nosebags.
Doctors wore nosebags of aromatic herbs (including cinnamon and cloves) to kill germs.
As Twenty/20 cricket took the first bold steps in its bid to bring the sport beloved of old buffers and corporate nosebags into the mainstream, the tut-tuts from those who prefer the purer version were well and truly drowned out.