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new normal

A previously unusual occurrence that has become commonplace. High unemployment rates have become the new normal due to the country's economic strife. Coming home to an empty house is the new normal now that the kids have gone off to college.
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under normal circumstances

Fig. normally; usually; typically. "We'd be able to keep the dog at home under normal circumstances," said Mary to the vet. "Under normal circumstances you'd be able to return to work in a week," explained the doctor.
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in the ordinary, normal, etc. course of eˈvents, ˈthings, etc.

as things usually happen: In the normal course of events we would not treat her disappearance as suspicious.
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as per ˈusual/ˈnormal

(spoken) in the usual or normal manner: ‘What time is the lesson?’ ‘Thursday at 3 o’clock, as per usual.’‘Is he in a bad mood this morning?’ ‘Yes, as per normal.’
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