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the noose is hanging

Preparations are complete. The phrase originally referred to public executions, and so it sometimes implies that an audience is assembled for whatever has been prepared. The actors are here, the stage is set, and the auditorium is filled. The noose is hanging, people—it's time to start Act I. I prepped the lab for the experiment, so the noose is hanging, whenever you want to begin.
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put your head in a noose


stick your head in a noose

If you put your head in a noose or stick your head in a noose, you deliberately do something which will put you in danger or in a difficult situation. At the risk of putting my head in a noose, I will make some predictions. I wasn't going to stick my head in a noose and speak out in the meeting. Note: A noose is a loop and knot that is tied in rope in order to hang someone.
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