none the worse

none the worse (for something)

not damaged or hurt despite something It was cold and windy during the parade but we were none the worse for the weather.
Usage notes: often used in the form none the worse for wear ( in good condition despite hard use or a difficult experience): He seems to be none the worse for wear after his car wreck.
See also: none, worse
References in classic literature ?
And I'd ha' said the "Amens", and willing, at the holy matrimony; but Tookey's done it a good while now, and I hope you'll have none the worse luck.
He made some sort of newspaper arrangement with a book-store in Cleveland, which was the means of enriching our home library with a goodly number of books, shop-worn, but none the worse for that, and new in the only way that books need be new to the lover of them.
As for my mother, when we had carried her up to the hamlet, a little cold water and salts and that soon brought her back again, and she was none the worse for her terror, though she still continued to deplore the balance of the money.
He knew that there was trouble enough in the world; and if the old woman had lived so long, and could count upon his having so little, why so much the better for her, and none the worse for him.
Miss Felicity King's essays on Shakespeare is none the worse for being an old school composition, as it is new to most of our readers.
The last of these temporary migrations had taken place only a few days since; the admiral had satisfied himself that the rooms in the east wing were none the worse for the absence of their master, and he might now be safely reckoned on as settled in the north wing for weeks, and perhaps, if the season was cold, for months to come.
When these points were settled, and so far carried out as that I had begun to work in earnest, it occurred to me that if I could retain my bedroom in Barnard's Inn, my life would be agreeably varied, while my manners would be none the worse for Herbert's society.
It is too soon yet," answered Sancho, "for we have only been a month going in quest of adventures, and so far we have met with nothing that can be called one, for it will happen that when one thing is looked for another thing is found; however, if my master Don Quixote gets well of this wound, or fall, and I am left none the worse of it, I would not change my hopes for the best title in Spain.
He'll come back, and, as Dorothy says, I dare say he'll be none the worse for having had a bit of a fling.
Rosy goes out in all weathers, and will be none the worse for an hour's brisk skating.
I asked the girl if she was hurt, but she assured me that she was none the worse for this second wetting; nor did she seem to suffer any from shock.
It's the preacher as empties th' alehouse; and if a man gets religion, he'll do his work none the worse for that.
If they kill him, we're so much the better; if he kills them, we're none the worse.
Monsieur," interrupted D'Artagnan, "you shall drink of a liquor which comes from one single French word, and is none the worse for that -- from the word grape; this cider gives me the heartburn.
It was not in the newest fashion, of course; but none the worse for that, under present circumstances.