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a) cooking until the internal temperature reaches 180 [degrees] F b) broiling for at least 15 minutes c) pre-cooking in a microwave for three minutes and pouring off the juices before broiling or grilling d) cooking until no pink color remains and the juices run clear e) any of the above f) none of the above
If the comments made on both sides by those two individuals running for attorney general in this upcoming election are anywhere near true, I would bet my last dollar that a none of the above on the ballot would win easily.
In reality none of the above will happen in case we upset somebody's rights.
To be fair, none of the above would probably do much worse than Glenn Hoddle.
None of the above games are all-ticket and cash will be accepted at the turnstiles.
With historical data confirming a holiday increase in drunk-driving incidents and fatalities, respondents were asked to select all of the reasons that might prompt that kind of behavior: the prevalence of holiday parties, stress associated with spending, more encounters with family, the expectation that the holidays must be happy times, the heartache associated with holidays past, increased feelings of loneliness and isolation, or none of the above.
None Of The Above, 50, of Chingford, Essex, used to be Adam Neil Osen.
So, I would be interested to know, how is it that a certain local team that I have followed for 37 years now seem to need double the amount of players to get them through a football season because of injuries than when none of the above advantages existed.
I do none of the above, so therefore the state expects me to pay for everything and not complain.
While none of the above measures can guarantee the complete elimination of losses, they can help to limit them.
According to the authors of Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, Dennis Kimbro and the late Napoleon Hill, it's none of the above.
Male Athletes Who Never Get Caught Off Guard Peyton Manning, Colts 36% Tom Brady, New England Patriots 18% Derek Jeter, Yankees 16% Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers 10% David Beckham, Los Angeles Galaxy 6% None of the above 4% Don't know 11% Sweatiest Sporting Event Super Bowl 31% NBA Finals 27% NASCAR 15% World Cup 12% Stanley Cup 7% None of the Above 3% Don't know 6% Sweatiest Sports Teams Florida Marlins 20% St.
None of the above deals have suffered losses since issuance.