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nominate someone as something

to suggest someone to be the candidate to serve as something. I would like to nominate Karen as our representative. She nominated herself as the one most likely to do the job.
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nominate someone for something

to suggest someone as a candidate for a particular office. I will nominate Carolyn for president. You cannot nominate yourself for this office.
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nominate someone to something

to suggest someone to become a member of a group. I am the one who nominated her to the board. The president nominated herself to the position of chairman of the board.
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Daniel Day-Lewis is nominated for Leading Actor, Tommy Lee Jones is nominated for Supporting Actor and Sally Field is nominated for Supporting Actress.
Owen Williams, chief executive of Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust, which manages both hospitals, said: "To have so many heroes nominated by our patients and colleagues is terrific.
He's been nominated eight times but his only Oscar is an honorary one bestowed upon him in 2002.
Another subject of controvery on the list is the state and national champion American elm (Ulmus americana), which was nominated for that list in 1985 by the big tree hunting team of Byron Carmean and Gary Williamson.
Folk music festival Green Man Festival has been nominated for the Grass Roots Festival Award.
John Elnitsky II has been nominated for appointment to the rank of rear admiral (lower half).
The chapter that explores the nominating systems in Great Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and Israel is quite enlightening, particularly for those interested in knowing how candidates are nominated in political systems outside the United States.
Yet, there were several national officers, including Judge Delany, James Allen, William Lloyd Imes, and Earl Dickerson, who endorsed the letter from the New York Branch to all NAACP branch presidents In their estimation members of the Nominating Committee had gone to great lengths to deny the NAACP an outstanding leader in Judge Bolin, and had in effect attempted "to prevent the election of any candidates nominated by the Branch by independent petition as provided for in the N.
was nominated by Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin, of Stockton, Calif.
By letter ballot later this year, the Association's members will elect five of 10 nominated candidates to fill the openings on TAPPI's 15 member Board of Directors and President and Vice President.
Five days and 10 ballots later, delegates had nominated an Ohio Senator and former newspaper editor named Warren G.
Overall, the 1938 work--based on a true-life revolt by a group of prisoners against their sadistic warden--is nominated for six awards, including Best Actor (Corin Redgrave) and Best Direction (by Trevor Nunn).
Art, Entertainment, Recreation Adler Planetarium -- nominated by NEC Display Solutions NYC & Company -- nominated by GestureTek Inc.
THE Daily Record has been nominated for 10 gongs at the year's Scottish Press Awards.