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a big noise

An important, successful, or influential person. Did you hear that Kelly got promoted to senior analyst? She's a big noise now.
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noise something about

 and noise something abroad; noise something around
to spread around a secret; to gossip something around. Now don't noise it about, but I am going to Houston next week to see my girl. Please don't noise this abroad. Stop noising that gossip around.
See also: noise

make noises about something

to talk generally about something that you might do Recently they have made noises about wanting to do a TV series together.
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a big gun/noise

an important or powerful person in a group or organization She's a big gun in city politics.
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Empty vessels make (the) most noise/sound.

something that you say which means that people who talk a lot and frequently express their opinions are often stupid David talks as if he's an expert on everything, but empty vessels make most noise.
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make a noise about something

to complain a lot about something If you don't make a noise about things, nothing gets changed.
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make noises

to talk about something that you might do, but not in a detailed or certain way She's been making noises about going back to college.
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make (all) the right noises

to seem to be enthusiastic about something I think she liked my presentation. She certainly made all the right noises.
See also: make, noise, right

big noise

1. n. an important person. If you’re such a big noise, why don’t you get this line moving?
2. n. the important current news; the current scandal. There’s a big noise up on Capitol Hill. Something about budget cuts.
See also: big, noise


1. n. empty talk; nonsense. I’ve had enough of your noise. Shut up!
2. n. heroin. (Drugs.) Man, I need some noise now! I hurt!