none of business

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none of someone's business

not of someone's concern. (A gentle rebuke.) Q: When are you going to leave for home? A: None of your business. How I managed to afford all this is none of your business.
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none of your business

also nobody's business
do not interest yourself in matters that do not involve you “Those children should never be left alone.” “Don't tell me what to do - it's none of your business.”
See also: business, none, of
References in classic literature ?
That's what I think of it--and many things besides; but that's nobody's business.
Antanas had asked; to which the man had replied that that was nobody's business, but that he could do what he said.
Besides, he hated lying; if he wanted the money he wanted it, and it was nobody's business to ask why.
Everything was all right, and it was nobody's business anyway.
Sometimes of an evening, when I looked up from my writing, and saw her seated opposite, I would lean back in my chair, and think how queer it was that there we were, alone together as a matter of course - nobody's business any more - all the romance of our engagement put away upon a shelf, to rust - no one to please but one another - one another to please, for life.
We went upstairs--it had been quite a fine house once, when it was anybody's business to keep it clean and fresh, and nobody's business to smoke in it all day--and into Mr.
A stranger died by accident and it was nobody's business to inquire.
Whilst ultimately, it is nobody's business, there are people knowing my position that will try to take advantage of the situation and make a quick buck.
NOBODY'S BUSINESS Celebrity Big Brother, where art thou?
The unrest and ill-feeling he has caused is nobody's business.
The Rise of the Drones (Infographic) The graph will send shivers down the spine of anyone but particularly those in Yemen, Pakistan or Afghanistan where these drone have been taking out 'targets' like nobody's business.
Fronted by Jason Paulino who can belt out a Journey tune like it's nobody's business, The Great Escape also boasts a great roster of musicians including guitarist Rich Vigdor, keyboardist Peter Ferlis, bassist Bob Wheeler and drummer Tony Clement.
People are always trying to judge because she is with Chris but like she said, it ain't nobody's business.
com/7275942/rihanna-chris-brown-nobodys-business-unapologetic-leak) worried the single was instead an homage to "Ain't Nobody's Business," a classic blues song written in the 1920s and famously recorded by Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington, among others.
The Barbadian singer this month announced her song Nobody's Business -- which appears on her upcoming seventh studio album Unapologetic -- will feature Brown.