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He could also run 50 yards in just four seconds and 10 miles in 45 minutes - no mean feat, not even by today's standards.
It's no mean feat for a rock band formed in 1969 to release a new album in 2012 with original material and receive appreciative reviews.
That was no mean feat, but Ford was always very honest and very straightforward in his dealings with the public.
And while such eclecticism is certainly no mean feat, by restaging historical models, Beech unwittingly only replaces the originals' resonance with the self-conscious "difference" of their descendents.
It is no mean feat to come second to a player like that
Getting something done in Congress the next two years will be no mean feat.
This is no mean feat on the part of the architects, given the dominating power of Piano and Rogers' architecture.
It's no mean feat to convert the raw data from ROSAT's two telescopes into usable images.
But bridging the semantic gap between what customers are asking and all the information available from Kaidara Advisor is no mean feat.
It's no mean feat to put a realistic facsimile of the entire City of Angels in a tiny Venice storefront.
Girouard continues the story from a different viewpoint, with a narrative just as limpid and readable -- no mean feat.
It was easier for ``Warm Springs'' star Kenneth Branagh to chose his clothes (a simple dark suit and blue shirt), as he came to the party alone and under his own steam, no mean feat considering that he looked like he was a real invalid while playing polio-stricken Franklin Roosevelt in the compelling film.
It's no mean feat to trump a show where - odds are - you will recognize just about every song in the score.