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this programmed offs Isle of now we focus meeting "It's crazy to think this is our last programmed home fixture before the nitty-gritty, but we want to keep our winning streak going.
The Librarian's Nitty-Gritty Guide to Social Media will help a library staff as a whole develop a comprehensive and effective social media plan: figuring out how to reach particular patrons (teens may be on a different platform than adults); earn social capital; and manage a library's online reputation in the long run.
The Nitty-Gritty cleaning machines are inverter based making them lightweight and portable, as well as being very energy efficient.
He's far more interested in nitty-gritty politics and recent history than Aslan, who neatly covers the vast areas of theology and religion that de Bellaigue ignores.
You spot all the nitty-gritty details, like the brown beetlebug chillin' on the bark of that tree.
Business In Focus in Cardiff Bay gave me lots of advice on banking, accounts and the nitty-gritty of setting up a business.
The weapons issue, they said, is resolved but the nitty-gritty of devolution itself has still to be sorted.
In most cases, the COO is the only other executive who will know as much about the inner workings of the company as the CEO, and in many cases, he or she will know more about the nitty-gritty details.
On Friday June 13, Region III chapter leaders met to discuss the nitty-gritty of chapter operations and development in Minneapolis.
In 1999, the duo made a series of highly successful but raw video diaries for television called Ballet Boyz, which showed the nitty-gritty of backstage life.
The Pink Pony Cafe, the Freedom Village Juke, Booba Burn's Place and the Evening Star Lounge may not come to mind as the hot spot of choice, but these juke joints--and not just any juke joint, mind you, but the edgy, nitty-gritty, unpretentious, ramshackle honky-tonks where blues and booze are essentials--are places that somehow seem familiar beyond their "thrilling otherness," as writer Richard Ford describes them.
Mahoney offers step-by-step tips for setting up a writer's and reader's workshop, explaining the theory and the nitty-gritty details of putting together a portfolio in a way that goes beyond being a mere recipe.
There is no wish here to go into the nitty-gritty of who said what to whom and when but it is clear that Transport Secretary Stephen Byers, having lost the head of his press department and his special adviser, now seems to be losing the plot.
Son's focus on the nitty-gritty comes after a tumultuous two years.
With this critique in mind, Pinn offers nitty-gritty hermeneutics, "a form of interpretation that is much more comfortable with the nastiness of life.