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The revival of Victor with its associated brands, "His Master's Voice," Little Nipper, and Victrola comes as a stark contrast to the decline of the physical recording industry since the establishment of digital distribution platforms like iTunes, Napster, and Spotify throughout the 2000s.
There's no ambiguity for me, and there's no ambiguity for Nipper in the film.
Alun Nipper, from Rhos on Sea, has sourced information about Thomas Foulkes, from the historic Caernarvonshire county, who is buried in the church yard of St Mary and All Saints.
Franchise owners Steve and Karen Nipper work from their home to help small to medium businesses manage their cash flow by buying receivables at a discount, but he said IFG is not a traditional factoring company.
I bet the 25-year-old's mum gave her some great beauty tips as a nipper.
NIPPER REED, who raced for one of the sport's most colourful owners and had a career to match, died this week at the age of 22 after suffering a suspected heart attack.
Clagett) Nipper; her sisters, Penny Appler and her husband Steve of Ellicott City, MD and Heidi DiNicolis and her husband Frank of Baltimore, MD, and her brother, Bill Nipper and his wife Mary of Tampa, FL.
Troy Nipper, 41, was among dozens of people sleeping out of the elements Monday night at one of the new sites: DaySpring Fellowship at 1580 River Road.
Alan has also turned out another book, When I Was A Nipper, in which he takes a nostalgic look at 1950s Britain in search of old values and traditions.
Just as the crying and screaming stopped the Nipper woke up and began to bellow.
said today that Steve Nipper, community bank president of BancorpSouth in Magnolia, Ark.
Nipper was a garage dog--coal black, with long pipe cleaner legs, a body shaped like a submarine, and eyes full of mischief.
Ongoing since 2005, Floyd on the Floor is a sprawling metaproject to which Nipper continually adds components, the most recent being the video Weather Center, which went on view at the end of February in the Whitney Biennial, and a performance and a video, both titled Shifting Shapes, that will be exhibited this month at Zurich's Migros Museum fur Gegenwartkunsr.
Nipper was very silent until his words burst out of him suddenly: "I knew our Dinah would have a baby if she went to live there.
The Australasian College of Skin Cancer Medicine has criticised the popular nipper program because it operates in the most dangerous time of the day, and thus exposes kids to high levels of UV rays.