nip off

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nip something off (of) something

 and nip something off
to clip or cut something off something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Let me nip a few blossoms off the rosebush. I nipped off a few blossoms and made a bouquet.
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Abroad NIP off after Easter to the golden beaches of Gambia.
AI always nip off the heads when they are finished as this puts the energy back into the bulb rather than producing seeds.
While we want people to smell, touch, even nip off little pieces, we hope the herbs will be left mainly intact for others to enjoy.
We aim to nip off sharpish and, barring any arrests, should get there for lunchtime.
It was not until after lunch that Trescothick took his leave, swiftly followed by Geraint Jones who was bowled through the gate on the back foot when Shabbir got another ball to nip off the seam.
The nearest England had come to a breakthrough in the first hour was when Durham's Steve Harmison got one to nip off the seam to strike Malik's pad on the back-foot defence.
Nip off the leading shoots of wallflowers to encourage bushy plants which will produce more flowers.
And when England skipper Nasser Hussain had to nip off the field for treatment on his back injury, it was Graham Thorpe who deputised as captain instead of Stewart.
Start in spring, when the shoots are only a few inches tall and nip off each growing tip with your thumb and forefinger.
Remove faded daffodil and tulip flowers, and nip off the heads and seed pod at the same time.
VISITORS to a whisky distillery can nip off to spend a penny in the lap of luxury.
Make sure you nip off any strawy bits at the neck, if you don't, the birds will try and use the straw for nest building material, and you'll just have to go and replant the sets when they've been uprooted.
You could leave them sitting at your desk in the office or standing at the end of the factory line and nip off home or go on holiday to Teneriffe for a fortnight.
It even knows to water the plants while owners nip off on holiday.
But not everyone heads to the cafes or canteens - seven per cent reckon they nip off for nookie with their partners or the boss.