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might(y) nigh

Rur. very nearly. We mighty nigh lost Mary that time she fell through the ice in the river. That was might nigh the worst night of my life.
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My time must be nigh at hand now, for I be aud, and a hundred years is too much for any man to expect.
One of the latest additions to the Designers at Debenhams stable, Midnight is the diffusion range from couture lingerie-designers Myla and features beautiful bras, knickers and baby doll nigh ties at affordable prices.
HE'S unashamedly blue collar no-nonsense rock'n'roll but Thorogood and his Destroyers have been playing to packed houses for nigh on 30 years now.
The interests of Burbank are not the interests of Woodland Hills, which are not the interests of Reseda, which are not the interests of Sylmar, ad pretty damn nigh infinitum.
It is nigh on impossible to estimate going conditions at the Essex track these days, but in rating Killeacle Phoebe on the 127 mark she is considered to have improved almost three lengths on her previous best eight-bend rating of 104, credited when scoring a 46.
McVeigh would now consider appealing against his execution order, his lawyer Rob Nigh, told reporters outside the federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.
Managing 50 network devices can be a challenge; managing 5,000 is nigh impossible," added Venezia.
It is nigh on impossible to get a baby in a car seat out of a car parked in a standard sized parking space without damaging the car next to you.
But when we have a gentleman wearing a nigh tie and a shower cap, criticising two organisations that are trying to promote Wales, it only highlights how narrow-minded some people can be.
Forget rows over cash, which channel it's on and the merit of Mark James' wild cards, sit back and enjoy today's opening salvo, nigh on 12 hours of what is unquestionably the best sporting event in the world.
The aversion to transactions over the past few years has led to pent up demand from buyers looking for growth opportunities," says John Nigh, Principal and M&A Practice Leader at Tillinghast-Towers Perrin.
ROVERS' young strike force did more than enough to suggest that the end is nigh for the club's two most high-profile stars.
Doctors last nigh said the boy's condition was "very serious".
You know the end of winter is nigh when Adrian Beltre's name surfaces in the headlines for reasons having nothing to do with his silky swing.
The political question, as 1996 grew nigh, was this: Would the American electorate remember Bill Clinton as the last liberal - as a funny fat boy, a dysfunctional ditherer?