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niggle about something

to make constant petty complaints about something. Please don't niggle about little things like this. This is just not important. Let's not niggle about it.
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niggle (over something) (with someone)

to have a petty disagreement over some minor thing. Stop niggling over this with me! I don't want to niggle with you over this.
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Ferguson battled back from his summer setback to star in the Carling Cup game at Nottingham Forest before being struck by niggling muscle injuries which have restricted his season to just a handful of sub appearances.
And the 19-year-old said: "It would have been great to add to my senior caps but I was nursing a niggling back injury.
MARTIN O'NEILL has told Emile Heskey he must start playing through the niggling injuries that have disrupted his season.
JOE COLE believes the knee ligament injury that cost him his season was the result of playing on through the pain barrier with niggling problems.
50) after a 227- day spell on the sidelines - a period punctuated by a series of niggling problems, writes James Burn.
Thomas and Shanklin could be available after suffering niggling injuries, while Sidoli still hasn't played after picking up a shoulder injury, last year.
Yet a niggling question remains: isn't that what her father did, tainting himself and leaving a legacy where he is all-but-forgotten in the rush of new events?
But there's some niggling concerns that make it hard to celebrate the new direction just yet.
We talked of niggling their main players and if we could get them off their game we've had a good chance of disrupting their ball,' said Latu.
This is all reasonable and in line with the technological imperatives of the construction industry but something is niggling me.
The board probably figured it could be generous enough to stop niggling the foundation for "fees.
He has had niggling injuries and the lack of training catches up with you, but Bo is training his hardest.
Fraught with niggling riddles, coyly tucked-away mysteries, and sly, silent enigmas, Herrera's work refuses to yield any easy interpretations or answers.
Six players - four from Albion and two from the home side - were booked in a niggling second half.
Clearly we are all in his debt, and no amount of niggling can obscure that basic fact.