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niggle about (someone or something)

To make petty, trivial, or minor complaints about someone or something. The couple at table 22 has been niggling about their meal since the moment they sat down. Tom's always niggling about his boss, but I know he'll never stand up to her.
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niggle (with one) over (something)

To fuss or argue (with one) over something petty, trivial, or unimportant. Look, I had a wonderful evening with you. Let's not ruin it by niggling over who pays what portion of the bill. We've been niggling with their lawyers about some of the finer points of the contract, but we still expect everything to be ready on time.
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And the 19-year-old said: "It would have been great to add to my senior caps but I was nursing a niggling back injury.
He said: "He's had various niggling problems, but we've sorted that and he'll be trying his best and has a squeak.
Bradley Davies, the Blues lock, who has a niggling ankle injury, could be the only uncapped player in the 32-man squad.
Fraught with niggling riddles, coyly tucked-away mysteries, and sly, silent enigmas, Herrera's work refuses to yield any easy interpretations or answers.
Six players - four from Albion and two from the home side - were booked in a niggling second half.
Clearly we are all in his debt, and no amount of niggling can obscure that basic fact.
The Irish boss said: "He hasn't done that much work which is always a concern for someone whose fitness, through niggling injuries in the last couple of years, hasn't always been the best.
The 22-year-old, who has netted four goals since his summer switch from Hamilton, sat out Saturday's 3-0 win at Queen of the South as he recovers from a niggling complaint following surgery last year.
A steady stream of people from across the region visited the Embarrassing Bodies mobile clinic in the hope they can have their minds put at rest over niggling health worries.
He's had a niggling problem which has put him out for a bit.
The world number four has been troubled by a niggling back problem on and off since the end of last year and has not made it past the quarterfinals at three clay-court events this season, losing to Tomas Berdych, Milos Raonic and Richard Gasquet.
Pintado, a firm fans' favourite at the Liberty Stadium, had been dogged by the niggling injury ever since pre-season.
HEARTS boss Csaba Laszlo is backing Andrew Driver to break into England's Under-21 squad - once the club solve the winger's niggling ankle problem.
Martin said yesterday: "Leg Spinner has had a few niggling problems and isn't doing anything at present.