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niggle about something

to make constant petty complaints about something. Please don't niggle about little things like this. This is just not important. Let's not niggle about it.
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niggle (over something) (with someone)

to have a petty disagreement over some minor thing. Stop niggling over this with me! I don't want to niggle with you over this.
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Zaheer has a niggle, but is progressing well and should be available for selection once the medical team has assessed him.
But James has worked ever so hard and once he gets over the one or two niggles he has he will be fine - and a fit James Vaughan is massive to add to our armoury and changes the way we can go about our business.
Sydney, Nov 4 ( ANI ): Australian Test player Shane Watson has tried to pacify his nation's cricket fans by saying that he has had a few niggles like his present injury over the last eight or nine months and so, it will not be too bad hopefully.
This gave him the good chance of recovering from a slight niggle in his leg.
More concretely, Sebastian Knowles has demonstrated that it shares the Purgatorio's structural pattern, for the place that Niggle comes to after he is allowed to leave the workhouse corresponds to the earthly paradise that Dante comes to at the end of the Purgatorio.
For Niggle is meant to be a real mixed-quality person [italics Tolkien's] and not an 'allegory' of any single vice or virtue" (p.
He got onto the bench last Monday (v West Brom) but felt a niggle on Friday so he didn't make the bench (against Liverpool on Sunday).
England batsman Ian Bell said that he was sure Cook would be fine, adding that he has had the old niggle with the back, and that everyone has certain areas that they have to keep working on.
Niggle Ultimately, his determination to figure in the semi-fnal at West Ham cost him dear.
I underplayed it and said I had a bit of a niggle but after the race in Rome on June 10 I couldn't jog in the cool-down and I felt it was really strange, running 1:58 and then I couldn't jog.
He broke down at Hove [on Coral Regency final night in April] and, when he recovered from that, has just had niggle after niggle," said Harris yesterday.
Koenig, player of the year for last season's double winners, missed the last game of the Continental Cup campaign against HK Slavija with a groin niggle.
He said: "It's a niggle that is always at the back of your mind.
Chris cook insisted today he is ready to put an injury niggle behind him as he prepares to take part in the European Short Course Championships