nickel and dime

nickel and dime somebody

  (American informal)
to charge someone small amounts of money for something, often as an extra payment I hate being nickeled and dimed by hotels for local telephone calls - they already charge you so much for the room.
See also: and, dime, nickel
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For your chance to be there at the 2007 Nickel and Dime British Grand Prix, just tell us:
For more information on the Nickel and Dime British Motorcycle Grand Prix and to buy tickets, go to www.
The 16-year-old from Oxford currently lies eighth in the rankings heading into the Nickel and Dime British Grand Prix at Donington Park on June 24.
Nickel and dime fund raising approaches won't support major proposals.
You can't promise to lower taxes and then raise them, or quote a price for something and then nickel and dime on repairs, or sell a toy and then charge extra for the battery, or pay yourself non compete fees when you sell assets from your public company to yourself.
Xavel has been careful not to nickel and dime its users or itself; subscription is free and there is no membership fee.
MOTORCYCLING: Repsol Honda rider Bradley Smith has promised fans there is more to come from him at the 125cc Nickel and Dime British Grand Prix.
We don't nickel and dime them module-by-module like a lot of our competitors do," Riddle says.
Maybe we should recruit the president's close friend and real money expert, Ken Lay, to help us more carefully watch and direct where every nickel and dime goes.
By not going to nickel and dime packages, they must line up on the slot receivers when the Beavers are in four- and five-receiver sets.
RESEDA - I've heard about companies trying to nickel and dime their way out of the red, but our crack U.
Snow will implement the same 4-3 defense the Bruins have run the previous two seasons, but with fewer nickel and dime packages and perhaps more blitzes.
Also filling in well was Joe Hunter, who stepped in for cornerback Jason Bell (hamstring) in the second half, and Keith Short, a special teamer who saw more work in nickel and dime packages with Bell and Anderson out.
Bell's injury would have the most impact in nickel and dime coverages since the Bruins are also without strong safety Marques Anderson (surgery), one of their best cover men.
This is not a time to nickel and dime our working families.