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He's probably the nicest guy - no, he is the nicest guy - that I've met in cricket.
The nicest thing that happened to me was when I was in the fourth grade at school.
Red Roof Inn, a US-based company that owns a chain of economy hotels, has announced a Nicest Price promotional offer for the holidays.
Brandon Flowers is the nicest guy on the planet and has a great sense of direction.
THE Northern Irish have emerged as the nicest people in the UK in one of the country's first "personality maps".
He's the nicest person,'' the Canyon Country woman said.
Your home already is the largest and nicest on the block.
One of the nicest cities I've ever been to is Buenos Aires with Team Canada in '98.
Gephardt strikes me as the nicest guy, the one I'd most like to have as a friend, but he's far too much of an old liberal.
The nicest thing about our company," Henry observed, "is the longevity and loyalty of our staff.
Hugh Casson was one of the smallest and nicest architects you could hope to meet.
In addition, Red Roof is kicking off the New Year with the launch of its ongoing Nicest Price advance purchase program, which offers up to 20 percent off when guests book in advance.
By having the nicest, kindest children to cross the road.
He was the nicest man,'' said Liz Fuzak, assistant manager of Lido Estates, the mobile-home park where Whiteside lived for 12 years.
In our August 2001 issue, we asked you to tell us about the nicest thing anyone ever did for you.