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Once you appreciate how this leads to inane policy, missiles that don't work, and an insider culture that bends even those who came to town promising change, you get a sense of why Washington's niceness should be better known.
Strangely, given that they are normally the wiser of the genders, it is women in particular who have developed an irrational dislike of niceness.
His sense of humour, his sportsmanship and his sheer niceness is an inspiration to us all.
Geri wanted to get away from the niceness of the Spice Girls.
Having left it for the night, he had to rush back to the studio to put it right, knocking the niceness out of it.
At which point the niceness was turning somewhat gloopy and you almost began to yearn for the old Campo.
I suppose niceness is the word that describes the characters I've played, " says Peter.
My daughter told him one day that his niceness was actually suspicious.
Strangely, it is women in particular who have developed an irrational dislike of niceness.
English Sunset was more of what you would expect with layered keyboards, haunting harmonies and a quintessential niceness which awakens images of vibrant woodlands and flowing streams banked by moss-covered rocks, provoking a sense of wonder and mystery.
In an amazing double whammy of emotion-packed niceness, even Michael Winner came across as a great big softy.
OK, so he flirts with - and sometimes snogs - some of the 25 girls competing to be his perfect match, but the gorgeous rugby star's innate niceness shines through.
He attracts admiration not just because of his evident niceness, but because he so effectively continued to practise his trade at an age when most of us would be more likely to be practising the golf swing.
We cringed at the truth of this, wimps to a man and woman, understanding why a nationwide addiction to niceness has prompted the Nice Factor tutors to extend their remit to Edinburgh and Glasgow.