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nibble at something

to take tiny bites of some kind of food. The children nibbled at their dinner because they had eaten too much candy. Stop nibbling at that candy.
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nibble away at something

to eat at something in tiny bits; to erode away tiny bits of something. The waves nibbled away at the base of the cliff, year after year. The mice nibbled away at the huge wheel of cheese.
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nibble at

1. To eat something by taking small bites: The mice have been nibbling at the curtains.
2. To eat a small amount of something, especially unenthusiastically: She only nibbled at her peas.
3. To bite something but not break the surface; nip at something: My date nibbled at my ear during the movie.
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nibble on

1. To eat something by taking small, quick bites, often as a snack or a light meal: Dinner wasn't for another two hours, so I nibbled on some potato chips. The rabbit nibbled on a carrot.
2. To bite something but not break the surface: Nervously, I nibbled on my pencil's eraser during the test.
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1. n. a cautious or preliminary response to something. (see also nybble.) My advertisement got three nibbles this morning.
2. in. to reply cautiously or tentatively to something. I hope someone who wants to buy my car nibbles at the description I posted on the Internet.
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This second bone nibbler is used to grip the exposed blade while aiming the tip of the instrument diagonally downward (Fig.
En el primer caso, segun la figura 8, el valor promedio obtenido de calidad fue 17, valorandose, entonces, como un sitio de calidad media, en tanto que para Nibbler el resultado fue de 9.
The nibbler might try to take a bite out of your deal by acknowledging at the end of the negotiations their parent company can't sign the agreement.
MAKITA has launched a new generation of metal working tools for the sheet metal fabrication industry including new cordless nibblers, more powerful mains metal shears and a new 1,650 watt cut off saw that meets the very latest European safety standards.
In addition, three new plates are available - the Nibbler Tray which includes meats, cheeses and assorted vegetables; Garden Fresh Vegetable Tray; and Pinwheel Trays.
The Glasgow Nibbler is a colossal 203ft, 120-tonne crane which has arrived at Riverside Dene, the area formerly known as Cruddas Park, to begin demolishing two now defunct tower blocks, The Beeches and The Poplars.
Bender flushes Nibbler down the toilet in the Emmy Award-winning animated series FUTURAMA SEASON 2 BOX SET (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, pounds 34.
Whether you are a nibbler, muncher, cutter or breaker, the way you eat your banana can reveal your personality, a psychologist has claimed.
To cut away awkward pieces of tile use a nibbler - like special pliers.
Tenders are invited for Nibbler With Blades, Electrical Operated Single Phase, 230 Volt, 50 Hz, Cutting Capacity In Steel 1.
THE much-anticipated demolition of Billingham House was inevitably a damp squib - they couldn't get the nibbler going.
We acquired our little Nibbler when she arrived at The Man's veterinary surgery, having strayed into the centre of Brighouse.
BIG IMPROVEMENT: Samantha, left, points out the benefits of the unusual treatment; JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED: A handful of the tiny nibbler fish, which can be used to treat psoriasis cases such as Samantha's
Within a short space of time our rabbit, Nibbler, had chewed through several wires, gnawed the hem of our curtains and nibbled on the sofas.
But as Tottenham's notorious nibbler celebrated a century of goals in club football last night he insisted there would be no repeat of his astonishing chomp at Bite Hart Lane on Sunday.