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nibble at something

to take tiny bites of some kind of food. The children nibbled at their dinner because they had eaten too much candy. Stop nibbling at that candy.
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nibble away at something

to eat at something in tiny bits; to erode away tiny bits of something. The waves nibbled away at the base of the cliff, year after year. The mice nibbled away at the huge wheel of cheese.
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nibble at

1. To eat something by taking small bites: The mice have been nibbling at the curtains.
2. To eat a small amount of something, especially unenthusiastically: She only nibbled at her peas.
3. To bite something but not break the surface; nip at something: My date nibbled at my ear during the movie.
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nibble on

1. To eat something by taking small, quick bites, often as a snack or a light meal: Dinner wasn't for another two hours, so I nibbled on some potato chips. The rabbit nibbled on a carrot.
2. To bite something but not break the surface: Nervously, I nibbled on my pencil's eraser during the test.
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1. n. a cautious or preliminary response to something. (see also nybble.) My advertisement got three nibbles this morning.
2. in. to reply cautiously or tentatively to something. I hope someone who wants to buy my car nibbles at the description I posted on the Internet.
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The nibbler might try to take a bite out of your deal by acknowledging at the end of the negotiations their parent company can't sign the agreement.
Nibblers, commonly found in the South East, tend to be cautious, conservative, thoughtful people.
Instead, Nibbler spends much of her time as a solitary prisoner - albeit in luxury hutches - and because she came to us as an adult we have never felt able to introduce her to any fellow rabbits (although she quite likes the cats).
When Secondborn got Nibbler we realised that the poor thing, like many rabbits, was destined to spend hours a day in a hutch or garden run.
Demolition method was by hydraulic, crane- mounted Nibbler which simply chewed up the hull into firewood.
However, Nibbler has proved to be a pet par excellence.
Secondborn's rabbit Nibbler is now being ear-marked as a possible walking companion - before it too gets podgy around the middle.
Tenders are invited for Portable Set Of Electrically Operated Cutting Tools Comprising Trepanner/Hole Saw, Nibbler And Suitable Capacity Gen Set Including Ac Glass Cutter For Relief And Recue Of Trapped Passenger Inside Coach.
Tenders are invited for Nibbler Machine, To Tech Specn, Power Input 500W, Cutting Track Width - 6 Mm, Pre - Drilling For Interior Cutout - 16Mm, Smallest Radius - 3 Mm, Cutting Capacity Steel 400 N/Mm Square - Max - 2.
Tenders are invited for Nibbler Machine, To Tech Specn, Power Input 620W, Cutting Track Width - 6Mm , Pre - Drilling For Interior Cutout - 41Mm, Smallest Radius - 70Mm, Cutting Capacity Steel 400 N/Mm Square - Max - 3.
Tenders are invited for Punch For Nibbler Machine Make:Makita Model Jn 3200 Or Bosch Model Gna 3.
White Castle's new seafood and Nibbler options, available while supplies last, include:
Another quick-and-easy nibbler is the Herbed Alabama Wild American Shrimp Dip, perfect with wine or cocktails.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)Electrical Hand Nibbler For Sheet Cutting With The Following Specifications:- Power Input :620 Watts.