nibble away at

nibble away at something

to eat at something in tiny bits; to erode away tiny bits of something. The waves nibbled away at the base of the cliff, year after year. The mice nibbled away at the huge wheel of cheese.
See also: away, nibble
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4) 2 Ill (6) 4 Optimism (4) 5 Hard smooth stone used for statues (6) 6 Dull and ordinary (7) 9 Plant with colourful scented flowers (7) 11 Crescent-shaped nut (6) 12 Climb (6) 14 Open-mouthed in awe (4) 15 Nibble away at (4) SOLUTION to Crossword -June 17 ACROSS 1 Dusk, 3 Opaque, 7 Skip, 8 Boxing, 10 Aperitif, 13 Pavilion, 16 Hermit, 17 Bill, 18 Pamper, 19 Fear.
Thefirm'sspokesman Wayne Lincoln said: "Saturday's stubborn Windiesbattingand sloppy England catching saw our clients nibble away at yesterday's opening Windies runsquoteof319-334,getting braver with their buys as the sessionwenton
They suck and nibble away at dead and dry skin, leaving your feet feel refreshed and silky smooth.
I'VE eaten enough fish in my time, so maybe I should return the compliment and allow the fish to nibble away at yours truly.
Originating from the river basins of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, the fish are renowned for the way they nibble away at dead and damaged skin cells to exfoliate, leaving you with smoother skin after a half an hour treatment.
Dollar and drug stores will continue to nibble away at the cheese," says Dr.
Visitors can sit in comfort while dangling their legs into a tank of water containing around 150 of the toothless carp and let them nibble away at tough skin flakes.
The problems which subsumed Freedom Direct are facing many other travel companies as the credit crunch continues to nibble away at our annual break.
garra ruffa - a toothless water dweller known as "doctor fish" (that's one of the nippers above) - nibble away at dead skin while leaving healthy flesh untouched.
But he said, ''Some Japanese bureaucrats may seek to nibble away at this position, but we should hold them to it.
Felker and Fanta are hoping the hydrophilic starch coating will nibble away at that surplus, either by making plastic films more water-friendly or by another novel application.
You can wallow in the past, allowing regret to rankle and resentment to nibble away at your happiness and self-confidence.
These minor infractions derail teachers and nibble away at teaching time, says Jean Johnson, senior vice president at Public Agenda.
Unfortunately though, many contingency contracts contain damaging clauses that nibble away at that tenuous bond of trust.