new man

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feel like a new man/woman

To feel completely refreshed and in good health and spirits, especially after an exhausting or debilitating experience. After he had some time to recover from the surgery, he felt like a new man. I'll feel like a new woman once I have a shower and a good night's sleep.
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new man

1. A version of one's self that is completely refreshed and/or in better health and spirits, especially after an exhausting or debilitating experience. Almost always used in the phrase "feel like a new man/woman." After he had some time to recover from the surgery, he felt like a new man.
2. A man who shares household and child-rearing responsibilities equally with his wife. Often capitalized. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Jacob is definitely a New Man. He's always helping his wife around the house and taking care of the kids.
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new man

see under feel like oneself.
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new woman

see under feel like oneself.
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a ˌnew ˈman

(British English) a man who shares the work in the home that is traditionally done by women, such as cleaning, cooking and taking care of children. New men are considered sensitive and not aggressive: He is comfortable with his ‘new man’ image, and has been known to leave the office early to go home and cook dinner for his family.
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This lady and her new man naturally want to enjoy the time they have left together and they are definitely not too old to be dating.
Danielle, who divorced Jamie O'Hara in December last year, shared another picture with her new man yesterday.
It's important the new man comes in, takes a look at the players himself and then makes a judgment himself.
Retailers may order One New Man through Ingram Book Company and/or Spring Arbor Book Distributors.
According to Thomas Hemmerich, head of global sales and marketing: MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, the new MAN TGS-WW is a refinement of the TGA, equipped with MAN's latest Trucknology features as well as upgrades to certain components to better serve operators.
But sources close to Mackay insist a decision on the new manager needed to be made as soon as possible to allow the new man the time to start rebuilding.
GSE, who have investors with serious financial clout, will give Clough and their new man around pounds 3million for signings this summer, with Watford midfielder John Eustace on his way to the East Midlands.
Contains sex and violence introduces her new man to son Sean THRILLERS about families in peril are two a penny.
The new man is English and from an impressive business background rather than a football one.
Mr Mann, who lives with his 87-year-old wife, Constance, in Sheldon, Birmingham, said he now felt like a new man.
FOOTBALL AND FACIALS: "For some, a new man might be someone who stays at home to look after the children while his partner goes out to work.
It really is about a man that has been chosen to accomplish a role, to be an example for other people," Stallone told New Man Magazine.
Blister's divorced mother has a new man in her life, and Blister just doesn't know what to feel for him.
Savannah's seaside week leads to an unexpected new man in her life and an unexpected ability to cope.
This sounds a lot like Luther talking about water and baptism--"the new man may daily come forth and arise.