never live down

never live something down

if you say that you will never live down something bad or embarrassing that you have done, you mean people will not forget it Three million people saw the singer fall off the edge of the stage. He'll never live it down. I'll never live down the fact that I spilt champagne down my boss's trousers.
See also: down, live, never
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Last season, the Bruins allowed four punt returns for touchdowns - including the three by Oklahoma's Antonio Perkins that UCLA might never live down - and also yielded two kickoff returns for touchdowns.
Ninety percent of the battery is against women - slaps, kicks, push- downs, shoving against a wall, assault with a household weapon, even murder - often in front of children who never live down the abuse, Rhudy said.
Sadly, for all his greatness on the mound, Roger Clemens has stained his reputation with a cowardly and vicious act that he should never live down.
Realizing this is one incident she can never live down, Ilyina promised she will be back next year to make amends.
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