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(as) hard as the nether millstone

Tough or harsh and unlikely to submit. The phrase is Biblical in origin. That guy is as hard as the nether millstone—he'll never give you what you want in the negotiations.
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hard as the nether millstone

callous and unyielding.
The nether millstone is the lower of the two millstones by which corn is ground. The phrase alludes to Job 41:24: ‘His heart is as firm as a stone, and as hard as a piece of the nether millstone’.
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After seeing Haley's mind-bending plays--not just the creepy cyber-procedural of The Nether but also the role-playing game gone wrong of Neighborhood 3: Requisition of Doom or the fractured fairy tale of Breadcrumbs--you might have a tendency to process reality, and the tiny everyday choices and exchanges that make it up, from a slightly skewed angle, as if you are a player in a choose-your-own adventure game.
Gwynnie gets stick enough for preaching to people about Goop website, but now if we Actress/health guru Gwynnie gets stick enough for preaching to people about her design for life on her Goop website, but now if we don't surrender to her macrobiotic ways and start steam cleaning our nether regions (she actually does this), we might C/nd ourselves hearing that familiar refrain.
Wilkoff's Letters From Maine column entitled "The nether regions" (March 2014, p.
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I turned my head and walked into a bollard, striking my nether regions so hard that I was doubled over on the pavement for a matter of minutes.
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Black-and-white photographs and a glorious section of inset color plates illustrate this one-of-a-kind survey of the nether corners of Western religious history.