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find the net

In sports that use netted goals (e.g., soccer, hurling, hockey, etc.) or hoops (e.g., basketball), to score a goal or point by sending the ball or puck into the net. Their offense played brilliantly today, but they just weren't able to find the net often enough to secure a win.
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all is fish that comes to his net

A phrase that describes one's ability to make use of anything available. I don't know how Chris fixed his car with the few tools he had with him at the time, but he's so smart like that—all is fish that comes to his net.
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cast (one's) net wide

To consider a variety of options. I always encourage my students to cast their nets wide when contemplating potential careers.
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cast (one's) net wider

To broaden one's search or criteria for something, thus giving oneself more options. A: "I don't know why John has only applied to Ivy League schools when he only has average grades." B: "I know, I've told him to cast his net wider."
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surf the Net

to browse around in the contents of the Internet. I spend an hour a day or more surfing the Net.
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cast your net wide/wider

to think about a large number of things or people when choosing the thing or person that you want If we don't get many interesting candidates this time round we may have to cast our net a little wider.
See cast eye over, throw in lot with
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a safety net

a system or arrangement that helps you if you have problems, especially financial problems (often + for ) The hardship fund provides a safety net for students who run out of money before they've completed their course.
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slip through the net

to not be caught or dealt with by the system that should be catching or dealing with you The system is failing and mental patients who badly need help are still slipping through the net. Innocent people have been falsely convicted while the guilty ones may be slipping through the net.
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net result

n. the final result after all the assets and liabilities have balanced out. I don’t care about the little things. What is the net result?
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surf the net

tv. to browse through the offerings of the internet. He surfs the net for three hours each evening.
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California Department of Fish and Game hoop net regulations:
Hoop netting for lobsters and crabs is legal in California and is growing in popularity, especially among kayakers who use their craft to set nets in shallow water.
Indeed, the Net may well serve as both vehicle and destination for your business's journey into the future.
It starts today on amazingly solid ground, with more than 90 million individuals and businesses connected to the Net.
As recommended by the Treasury Department, the new law establishes a net interest rate of zero on equivalent amounts of overpayment and underpayment that exist for any tax and any period.
Strategic interest planning is more critical than ever to ensure that each taxpayer pays net interest to the Government only during periods when there is a true liability.
The settlement of payments occurs on either a gross or a net basis.
12) Numerous other examples may be constructed where, as a result of the interest rate differential, taxpayers are harmed by the failure to net.
Health Net is challenging companies and high schools in the tristate to support individuals and relay teams in the race (a relay team has a separate person doing each of the swim, bike and run sections).
Sirius Satellite Radio partnered with Service Net to manage the manufacturer's warranty for all its branded products.
The Fund will primarily invest in high yielding office and industrial single tenant net leased assets where Boulder Net Lease Funds sees the best opportunity to generate attractive returns.
As a condition to Commercial Net Lease Realty's obligation to close the merger, NAPE must pay a dividend to its shareholders of $20.
It's fast, it's simple, and all the functionality of the Net Snippets Free Edition is contained in a single, light, one-minute 1.
Oxford Networks is a very progressive communications company that is preparing to compete for the long haul," stated Ken Latimer, Chairman and CEO of Net to Net.