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nestle down (in something)

to settle down in something; to snuggle into something, such as a bed. They nestled down in their warm bed. Please nestle down and go to sleep.
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nestle (up) against someone or something

 and nestle up (to someone or something)
to lie close to someone or something; to cuddle up to someone or something. The kitten nestled up against its mother. The shivering puppy nestled up to Kathy.
See also: nestle
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If these CpG dinucleotides are located within regulatory sequences, such as promoter regions, their methylation can block the binding of transcription factors and/ or establish a repressive chromatin state (Renthal and Nestler 2009b).
We have found that some retailer operators are leveraging H&W trends to reposition their stores to shoppers as an alternative to existing health care providers," says Andrew Nestler, VP, sales at the consumer care division of Pittsburgh-based Bayer HealthCare.