nestle down

nestle down (in something)

to settle down in something; to snuggle into something, such as a bed. They nestled down in their warm bed. Please nestle down and go to sleep.
See also: down, nestle
References in classic literature ?
Old men and women can sit by it with their thin hands clasped, the little children can nestle down in front, the friend and neighbor has his welcome corner by its side, and even shaggy Fido and sleek Titty can toast their noses at the bars.
There are even a couple of four-legged friends who I'd actively encourage to nestle down on my sofa, without a dog hair in sight - perfect
There are even a couple of fourlegged friends who I'd actively encourage to nestle down on my sofa, without a dog hair in sight - perfect
Then, because it was the 1960s and America had not yet been consumed by fears, phobias, panic attacks and busybodies who think they have to make all sorts of laws to keep people "safe," I would climb into the truck bed, nestle down between a couple of feed sacks, and either stare at the sky on the way home watching the clouds, or read a book I had brought along.
The name comes from the fat flowers that nestle down in the folds of the leaves.
CURL UP AND RELAX Nestle down in luxurious style on the pretty Chatham sofa from the Simply Chic range
The best reefs are the ones where there are spaces between the reef materials that allow the flounder to nestle down on the bottom.
Along the banks of the scenic James River, one finds the perfect spot to nestle down for a few extra days and see all central Virginia has to offer.
And all of this was done with a casual cool and hands-in-pockets swagger which gave you the impression he might nestle down on the fairway and have a siesta.
Walkers returns to the top of the chart for the second time this year, forcing Nestle down to second place.
The disciplinary committee considered a complaint concerning Stephen Davies as financial controller of Nestle down Beds.
She has already watched you nestle down in front of the box with a six pack for Premiership games.
We all just want to get home, close the door to the world, nestle down in our comfiest chair in front of our home entertainment center, send out for food, and close out the world.
It's a perfect night for tadpoles to nestle down in the mud.