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Basic information on nesting ecology was needed to develop management plans for the sparrow.
In the study of avian populations it is often of interest to estimate nesting success--the probability a nest survives the nesting period to produce at least one fledgling.
The bluebird prefers a nesting site on the edge of a field, no closer than about 100 yards from another nesting site.
Mating systems, sexual dimorphism and the role of male North American passerine birds in the nesting cycle.
We located nests in conjunction with an upland gamebird nesting study (Berthelsen 1989).
The nesting habitat is primarily mowed grasses interspersed with large deciduous trees, though turtles occasionally nest on gravel RV camping pads.
We have done this comparative study on nesting success of the OMR using both nest boxes and tree cavities in urban habitat during 2011-2014.
We also included nesting stage (incubation or nestling) as a temporal covariate.
Not surprisingly, few nest records exist (n = 234 nests range-wide as of January 2013; USFWS, 2013); most of these nests were recorded only recently, and nearly all (88%) were found during targeted studies on the nesting ecology of this species in south-coastal Alaska.
In 2014, 56 years after Beebe's nest account, I relocated what is presumed to be the original nesting site described by Beebe (1959).
In this study, we made available 25 wooden boxes and 25 PVC nest tubes for starling nesting, but we were forced to forego planned treatments because of low starling occupancy rates.
The Nesting Quilt" is a beautiful book for children in a family due to welcome another new sibling.
Dunnock, song thrush and great tit can now be heard during breaks in the freezing weather and the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) is starting to receive the first reports of nesting birds, with mallard, moorhen and mistle thrush already known to have fledged chicks earlier than usual.
However, habitats chosen by birds for nesting must exhibit features that lead to congruence between habitat preference and reproductive success (Chalfoun and Schmidt, 2012), of which nest survival is an important component (Martin, 1993a).
THE BRITISH Bases yesterday called on beach-goers to act responsibly as Cyprus is now at the heart of the turtle nesting season.